Teen Advocates for Life

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Teen Advocates for Life

We are so excited about our new outreach called Teen Advocates for Life. This program is in the works and more information is Coming Soon!

Abortion Recovery

In the unfortunate case that someone has previously made the impactful choice of abortion, we believe in the power of God’s healing. We offer Post-Abortion Care to help mend the emotional and spiritual scars from such a choice. If you or anyone you know has had an abortion, please refer them to us to heal those wounds as they can run deep for a lifetime if not healed.

Bible Studies

Clients delve into a Bible study with a Mentor to deepen their relationship with and knowledge about God, fostering a strong spiritual foundation that nurtures resilience, wisdom, and peace. Through these studies, individuals gain insight into Biblical principles that encourage spiritual growth. They also discover the power of prayer, strengthening their faith and reliance on God’s guidance.

By exploring the scriptures, clients not only enrich their understanding of God’s word but also learn to apply these teachings to their daily lives, experiencing transformation and healing from the inside out. This journey through the Bible opens doors to personal reflection, moral clarity, and the development of virtues such as compassion, patience, and love, equipping participants to lead lives that reflect their faith and values.

Fatherhood Mentoring

Our Fatherhood Mentoring Program is designed to guide soon-to-be and new fathers on their journey towards becoming the dads God intended. Through one-on-one mentorship with experienced fathers, participants receive wisdom, support, and practical advice tailored to the challenges and joys of fatherhood. This program emphasizes the importance of spiritual leadership, love, and integrity, encouraging men to embody the values that reflect God’s love in the upbringing of their children.

Mentors cover a range of crucial topics, including effective communication, emotional resilience, and the art of balancing work and family life, all underpinned by Biblical principles. The program offers a safe space for fathers to discuss their fears, challenges, and aspirations, fostering a supportive community that strengthens their commitment to their families.

Participants will learn to navigate the complexities of parenting with patience and grace, understanding their pivotal role in shaping their children’s lives. The Fatherhood Mentoring Program empowers men to lead by example, fostering environments where children can grow in confidence, faith, and love.

By signing up to become a Fatherhood Mentor, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of fathers and their children, perpetuating a legacy of godly parenting. We provide comprehensive training to all our mentors, ensuring you are well-equipped to guide and inspire new fathers in their pivotal role. Join us in this ministry of shaping strong families grounded in faith and love. Your journey of mentorship could be the beacon of light that guides a new father through his most rewarding journey yet.

Life Coaching

Our Life Coaching service is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, offering personalized guidance across a broad spectrum of life areas. Whether it’s navigating financial stability, fostering healthy relationships, building a compelling resume, or any other aspect of personal growth, our skilled Life Coaches are here to mentor and support.

Through one-on-one sessions, our coaches provide not just expert advice but also a listening ear and a supportive hand to guide clients through their challenges and decisions. We understand that each individual’s journey is distinct, and our coaching is designed to empower clients to realize their full potential, align their life with their values, and achieve their most cherished goals.

Clients will learn to set realistic, achievable objectives; develop strategies to overcome obstacles; and cultivate resilience, confidence, and a positive mindset. Our Life Coaches specialize in various disciplines, ensuring that every client can find the guidance they need, whether it’s career advancement, personal development, spiritual growth, or lifestyle management.

By partnering with a Life Coach, clients gain a trusted mentor who provides accountability, encouragement, and insight as they journey toward a more fulfilling life. Our program is built on the principle that with the right support and resources, everyone can craft a life of purpose, joy, and success.

Parenting Development

Our Parenting Development program is specially designed to guide new mothers on their transformative journey into motherhood, aligning with the divine purpose God has for them and their children. Recognizing that each mother’s path is unique, we pair participants with one of our compassionate Life Coaches, who customizes the program to meet the specific needs and aspirations of each client.

This tailored approach ensures that every mother receives the support, knowledge, and resources necessary to nurture and raise their children in a loving, faith-filled environment. Our program features a rich selection of streaming videos and interactive studies that are not only relevant but also engaging and enlightening. Topics range from practical parenting techniques and child development insights to spiritual nurturing and self-care for mothers, all designed to equip them with the skills and confidence to be the incredible mothers God intended.

By participating in our Parenting Development program, mothers gain access to a supportive community of fellow parents and mentors. This network provides encouragement, shares experiences, and celebrates the joys and challenges of motherhood together. Our goal is to empower mothers to embrace their role with grace, strength, and wisdom, fostering a family life that is rooted in love and guided by faith.

Pregnancy Loss Care

Our Pregnancy Loss Care program is dedicated to offering a sanctuary of comfort and healing for individuals and families who have experienced the profound sorrow of pregnancy loss. Understanding the deep emotional and spiritual wounds such a loss can inflict.

Our trained professionals and volunteers provide a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, and a heart that understands the complexity of this grief.We provide guidance on navigating the journey of grief, tools for coping with the pain, and opportunities for memorializing their child in meaningful ways.

In honoring their experience and supporting healing, we hope to bring light into the darkness of loss, offering a path forward filled with compassion, understanding, and renewed faith. They do not have to walk this path alone; our Pregnancy Loss Care program is here for support, offering God’s comfort and our community’s solidarity as they heal.

Our Living Waters program is consistently being expanded to best serve our community. We all have experiences that have shaped and molded us that God can use to help others, if we allow Him. We’d love to have you join us by becoming a Mentor today. Remember, we will train you, and God will equip you. Follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting if He is calling you to become a Mentor.

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Keep up with the amazing stories about what God is doing through the partners and staff at Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic. Just a little info and we can stay in touch.

Stories for Life

“When I came to the Center I really enjoyed it. Everyone was willing to help me and was open-armed about anything I needed or any questions I had.” -Samantha, Client “You gave her so much encouragement about having her baby that it was amazing. As a grandfather, I am really encouraged by the confidence you’ve given my daughter to raise her child. I think Coastal Choices can offer them the knowledge and the understanding that you can do this, you can raise your children, we can show you how.” Jim, Samantha’s dad.