With 3000+ abortions taking place in Florida each year, your help is vital to saving lives. Be a part of the fight for life. Make an impact for Christ in our community. Take a stand against abortion and help women in need. We need passionate people to spread awareness about abortion.

We’re Looking for Women Who Are Considering Abortion

Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic competes with abortion providers in Florida to reach women considering abortion before they make a decision to end their pregnancies. Through targeted marketing and outreach to women in crisis, we promote key health services that bring women who are interested in abortion to our center.

The Difference We’ve Made

Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic has stood as a beacon of hope in our community since 2001. We’ve helped more than 25,000 women dealing with unplanned pregnancies sort through their feelings, and find answers. We have a vibrant full and part-time staff, including a RN/trained sonographer to ensure we provide excellent medical services to our clients. Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic is open to walk-in clients 3 days a week, plus additional hours for evening programming and appointments. More than 35 dedicated volunteers donate more than 2,500 hours of their time a year to help us provide compassion, care and service to each woman that walks through our doors.

Join Our Mission for Life

Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic creates a culture of life for every woman who comes to us. She experiences the compassion of Christ through volunteers and staff who help meet her physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We share the truth about abortion and empower her to choose life for her unborn baby through services, counseling and abortion education. We offer every client the opportunity to pray and share the Gospel with those open to hearing.

Partners In Supporting Pro-Life

Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic partners with the other pregnancy centers in our city, as well as state and national organizations, to take part in Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic’s movement. Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic is also a part of Ramah International, a national organization that work to support pregnancy center efforts and provide resources, structure and support to Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic‘s movement.

News & Updates

Keep up with the amazing stories about what God is doing through the partners and staff at Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic. Just a little info and we can stay in touch.

Stories for Life

Angela found herself pregnant as an 18 year old senior in high school in 2008. At the time she felt alone and scared and came to Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic. She remembers like it was yesterday the love and compassion she was greeted with the moment she walked into the Center. She had considered abortion but with the help and support of Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Today her son is 16 years old, serving the Lord and planning to go into ministry. Angela isn’t sure how she would have made it through without Coastal Choices Women’s Clinic.