Continuing Care Services

Living Waters

We offer our continuing care services to all of our clients.

Living Water Care Options include:

  • Abortion Recovery
  • Bible Studies
  • Fatherhood Mentoring
  • Life Coaching
  • Parenting Development
  • Pregnancy Loss Care

Program participation benefits Include:

  • Education
  • Fellowship with mentors
  • Relationship enhancement (if partner participates in program)
  • Material supplies from our Boutique via our exciting new Subscription Box Program

This program relies on volunteer Mentors. These volunteers are vital to our ministry. Become a Mentor today! We will train you, and God will equip you.

Abortion Recovery

In the unfortunate case that someone has previously made the impactful choice of abortion, we believe in the power of God’s healing. We offer Post-Abortion Care to help mend the emotional and spiritual scars from such a choice. If you or anyone you know has had an abortion, please refer them to us to heal those wounds as they can run deep for a lifetime if not healed.

Bible Studies

Clients delve into a Bible study with a Mentor to deepen their relationship with and knowledge about God.

Fatherhood Mentoring

Men mentoring soon-to-be or new fathers in life and how to be the father God wants all men to become! Sign up to become a Fatherhood mentor today!

Life Coaching

Some clients may need more guidance in a particular area such as financial stability, relationships, resume building, and more. Our talented Life Coaches mentor our clients in a multitude of disciplines.

Parenting Development

When a mom chooses life for their unborn child, they are able to continue with one of our caring Life Coaches that tailors each program to meet the needs of that particular client. We have relevant and exciting streaming videos and studies all based on how to become the best mother that God designed her to be.

Pregnancy Loss Care

The loss of a child at any point during pregnancy can be very traumatic. We desire to care for those that have suffered this loss to aid in healing those emotional and spiritual wounds.

Our Living Waters program is consistently being expanded to best serve our community. We all have experiences that have shaped and molded us that God can use to help others, if we allow Him. We’d love to have you join us by becoming a Mentor today. Remember, we will train you, and God will equip you. Follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting if He is calling you to become a Mentor.